Armory structure - Tanks need to resupply ammo?

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Armory structure - Tanks need to resupply ammo?

Post by MIH-XTC » 17 Feb 2016, 21:05

I'm just throwing this idea out there in case anyone else likes it but I personally don't have any feelings toward it. It's just something that popped in my head while thinking about how to make the strategy more complex and not being too hard to implement. When I say not too hard to implement I mean all of the functionality already exists, it's just a matter of reusing existing code and of course some new code to make things jive. I'm thinking the additional code needed would still be a lot of work though.

The idea is to give tanks a finite ammo supply just like VTOL's need to resupply their ammo. The actual structure would be an armory that has the exact same functionality as a repair center but it replenishes ammo instead of HP's. I'm thinking the code to give units a limited ammo supply could be reused from VTOL's and applied to land units. This would mean all units have 2 bars underneath them (HP + ammo) and for the ones with a slow ROF, 3 bars to show reloading. Obviously this is a major change to game play so if it were to be implemented, I would make the ammo supplies very large such that units wouldn't need to resupply their ammo very often. This would be a conservative way of implementing the feature. I figure there are enough people posting in the artwork forum that someone would be interested in designing a new armory structure.

Now if we really wanted to make things complex, we could make a new armory menu screen and make players purchase types of ammo for a price, e.g. mg's, cannons, rockets, flamers etc.... that would really make the game play strategy more complex. Just a random thought...

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Re: Armory structure - Tanks need to resupply ammo?

Post by The Overlord » 18 Feb 2016, 02:14

MIH-XTC wrote:but it replenishes ammo instead of HP's
Why not both? :D
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