I Have some ideas I like to see

Ideas and suggestions for how to improve the Warzone 2100 base game only. Ideas for mods go in Mapping/Modding instead. Read sticky posts first!
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Re: I Have some ideas I like to see

Post by Legion » 25 Apr 2014, 04:07

iceman11a wrote:I been playing warzone for about 3 weeks and I like this game. I have some ideas and maybe some big fixes all so. I'm not sure.

1) helos would be a great add on, The Comanche and Other helos would be so cool. They could fire rockets and helfires. All so bombers. 2 or 3 types of large bombers can be built from the Heloport. When Bombers are built. They fly real high, So the player never sees them. The player clicks on the Heloport and clicks on one of the bombers. and then the player can pick a target.

The bomber can only bomb one target at a time. It needs 6 1/2 minutes to be able to start a bomb run.
This unit does require a lot of power.

What you're talking about with the bombers is an non target-able anti-camp weapon that already exists in the form of the laser satellite. Vtols already function as helicopters, minus the ability to hover in one spot, which would make them easy targets for anti-air defenses anyway.

2) Missile Launchers. Missiles are used for long range. They can be used to take out targets like tanks and bots. They can't be use to take out Power Stations or Factories. This item requires a rearming unit. The unit sees that the Launchers is loaded and ready to fire. If the rearming unit gets destroyed. The Launcher blows up. All so a radar tower needs to be added for this item. Each radar unit is a radar that is required for the launcher. When a enemy unit enters the radar field of view. The launcher fires. Friendly units show as blue and enemy units show as red, Radar range upgrades, Only 2 upgrades. 1st upgrade is 1000 meters. and the 2nd upgrade is 2000 meter range. When the player clicks on the radar tower. The player sees units in the radars field of view. It looks just like a radar system you see in a real control tower in a air port.

These already exist in the form of ripple rockets, archangel missiles, and sensor towers essentially. They don't have a unit to stand on top of them and do the work that the missile battery can already perform, but that's just an unnecessary aesthetic addition. Remember, the units you build are all robots. The game exists in the year 2100 where unmanned drones have become the norm for battle.

3) You have water in the missions. the only thing you have is a hover craft. How about a seaport. When it is built boats and water craft are built from the seaport. the boats can attack ground and water related targets. The Seaport can only be built on water ONLY. The boats can return to the seaport for repairs and so on. refueling stations can be built all so.

Hovercraft already perform this role, and then some...why add a more limited unit that has only half the capability of what is already available?

Construction Units.
These units are bigger and can be use to build things like Bridges. Docks, and Supply Stations.
These units generate there own power. How ever they need 1500 % of power for the player to build this unit.
Once the unit is built, The player can get them to build Bridges. Over water or over Hill tops. Docks on the beaches for resupplying Boats and refueling and all so rearming units.

Supply Stations. (IMPORTANT) If the player has the unit build a Supply Station. This changes game play. Helos bring supplies in and drop them on the Supply Station. After that box trucks move out to deliver supplies to each base. I Supply Yard has to be built on every base built to get supplies. If the trucks are destroyed before the reach the base. Power drops. For every truck that reaches the Supply Yard. the base gets extra power and Research is done 5x faster.

VTOL rearming pads and repair stations already exist. Additionally, research is a very carefully balanced (if that) mechanic, and significantly speeding up research upon completion of ONE building would only further increase the probability gap of victory for the advantageous player, beyond what already exists.

Bug report, I'm not sure about this one. It looks like when I do research. I'm researching the same item over and over again, More then 3 times. Doing this just takes too much power, I can see researching it one time. Just not over one time. Sample. The Wall that I can build. I have research this more then one time. If the walls I'm researching is an upgrade, Then you need to change the color. So that it doesn't look the same. It does look like I researching the same thing over and over again.

These are incremental upgrades that are meant to slow down the power creep of units and structures. They allow units to increase in power, but not so rapidly that a player can research one thing and receive a massive tactical advantage over other players. You need to learn the tech tree, and if you forget which one you are researching, they have a mouse hover tooltip that tells you what they are. Traditional Warzone maps (low oil) are already fast enough, they don't need to be faster. And don't even get me started on high oil...they are nothing like what Warzone is supposed to be. I believe they deserve their own place, but should be separate from standard Warzone. This is just my opinion, however.
So essentially, these are all redundant features.
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Re: I Have some ideas I like to see

Post by Hesterax » 25 Apr 2014, 11:32

Problem Solved 8)
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