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The wiki site

Postby Disco_Inferno » 19 Dec 2006, 12:02

I noticed on the main page of this site you asked people to add stuff to the wiki database. Is there a way to register there? I`m also wondering what kind of information you want there?
Maybe some guides on playing needed?
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Re: The wiki site

Postby karmazilla » 19 Dec 2006, 15:49

This forum account == wiki account... so you're already registered.
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Re: The wiki site

Postby DevUrandom » 19 Dec 2006, 19:57

We want GNU!
Erm... You!

Well, all info that seems to be usefull is welcome. This ranges from a list of maps and mods (we currently don't have many), over a strategy-guide, over a campaign-walkthrough to scripting tutorials and sourcecode explanations...
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Re: The wiki site

Postby Kamaze » 19 Dec 2006, 20:58

Short quote from the short wiki faq
How can i add/edit pages on this wiki?

    * If you already have a forums account, just login with it.
    * If not, you need to register in our forums first.

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