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quite a few issues

Posted: 06 Aug 2006, 18:31
by julianabbs
the site is impossible to find

the game doesn't work

and the forum has no information on it

i'm not logging in to another site just to read the bug reports so if you're interested i get a similar error message to terminator

"Whan I launch at first time. I had a prouble that game dont wont to creat folder warzone-2.0 and showed error.
But I fix it."
of course he didn't care to tell us how he fixed it

the exact error is
error setting write directory to "c:\documents and settings\\Warzone-2.0" file not found

and it is resolved by manually creating the directory (replacing with your username of course). it has to be done for each individual user if there are more than one on your PC

i hope this is useful

quite a few issues

Posted: 06 Aug 2006, 18:45
by DevUrandom
This bug is know and allready fixed for the next release (2.0.4) which will be available tomorrow.