Warzone 2120 Never made it! :(

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Warzone 2120 Never made it! :(

Postby Twister22 » 06 Sep 2017, 02:33

rivenoak wrote:there was a picture of the sequel's title in the files, when it shipped. Warzone 2120 was this project, which never saw
daylight. :(

sadly it's true warzone 2120 never made it no one I REPEAT NO ONE is going to remake warzone 2120 :(
which is why i remade this mod but it became a failiure :stressed:
anyways if you are interested in this post say
forum_user wrote:+1

let's make the warzone 2100 project make the warzone 2120 project :)
Warzone 2120 & Nuke mod Duo :D
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Re: Warzone 2120 Never made it! :(

Postby themac » 06 Sep 2017, 09:59

The Warzone team pushed Warzone further than I ever expected. But it takes time because many work in their rare spare time on it. Nethertheless still an interesting project. Still love Warzone. :)
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