Cam3a Short Gameplay video

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Cam3a Short Gameplay video

Postby William » 24 Mar 2017, 23:55

Link removed use html instead now :D
Nevermind preview showing now! :)
If you don't want to preview it
Hit the download button
Just in case if I need a license
Note: If you don't like the preview
then Hit the download button
Nevermind it's now 1080p
1080p is the maximum resolution my pc supports!
Don't worry I'll get a 4k tv in the future for now 1080p
Using Ice cream screen recorder
has an html on it to view the video just open the html file html embeds the video from this link
(341 Bytes) Downloaded 56 times
Just in case if you don't know what the download button looks like?
Download.PNG (183 Bytes) Viewed 528 times
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