Android anyone??

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Android anyone??

Post by trevormanaze » 04 Jan 2016, 04:45

Getting warzone2100 to run on android is pretty simple but may not be appropriate for all forum terms and conditions on how information is expressed from a legal standpoint.

I will say that I was successfully able to play the single player campaign by finding a purchased copy of the psx(playstationOne) video game disk and making an ISO from the .bin and .cue and emulating using a console emulator from and loading the psx to android Rom software and allowing wz to run on android. I still have a copy of my original purchased video game from eidos where my original idea came from. I figured I would update this thread allowing followers the hope of playing our beloved game on mobile. No mobile versions are currently in development for licensing reasons but yes, it is possible ......

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Re: Android anyone??

Post by Staff » 04 Jan 2016, 05:31

Can you please stop digging up old posts?
Seriously, you keep doing it. Stop. Last warning.

That said, we do not support pirating in any form, on any platform.
It don't matter that you own the original game, you still don't have the right to another version of the game, unless the Author/Publisher allows this, or the copyright has expired.
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