Warzone 2100 on Microsoft Sore

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Warzone 2100 on Microsoft Sore

Postby NoxiousAussie » 09 Oct 2017, 06:19

I'm not sure if I should post this here but I found your updated wz2100 on the Microsoft store for around $1 and under the name of newnoldsoftware.com.
Just not sure if its you guys or not, they look the same.
microsoft store wz.JPG
newnold software.JPG
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Re: Warzone 2100 on Microsoft Sore

Postby NoQ » 09 Oct 2017, 17:23

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Re: Warzone 2100 on Microsoft Sore

Postby Prot » Today, 12:48

Yes, this is the same game.
I don't think it violates the license. The source code on his website are very easy to find.
http://wp.newnoldsoftware.com/2017/10/1 ... 00-update/
And the license does not prohibit sale of the product. :roll:

There can be only approached from a moral point of view. He's trying to cash in on someone else's work, even though it is not prohibited by the license.
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Re: Warzone 2100 on Microsoft Sore

Postby moltengear » Today, 14:07

Need protection from the server.
It would be nice if the next official release had a unique access code to the server. And the server could write a warning to the client - this program is not secure and is not an official release from the developers. something like this.
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