Scavengers and my opinion in it

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Scavengers and my opinion in it

Postby adamdeno » 08 Aug 2017, 13:23

Ok lets start this with some heavy stuff

How to kill the game/crash it all
1# get cheats on
2#control scavengers
3#upgrade factory/power gen
4# enjoy

who else did this? , anyway lets get to the main point

About scavengers.

in my opinion it would be great to add a mission as a scavenger

actually the reason why scavengers factories,building trucks,stuff arent important
due to game focus is on the campaign missions only but...
who wouldnt play as a scavenger in a destroyed world
it would be nice to actually make the scavengers a campaign mission??
like making missions for it and making lots of stuff for it .

my point is add a new mission including to play as a scavenger to secretly aid the project during the attack on nexus as they gather more recources/land to the project

its just my opinion also you can share yours :3!
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Re: Scavengers and my opinion in it

Postby E-102 Gamma » Yesterday, 01:42

Funny thing, actually. As I recall, upgrading scavenger buildings in 1.10 wouldn't crash the game. It would just replace the scavenger building's model with the upgraded building's while keeping to the same footprint. Tight arrays of upgraded scavenger power plants would look really silly because of this. :P

Also, a set of missions in which you play as the scavengers is something that I've always wanted to see. Could have a sort of 'challenge mode' slant to it because of the scavvies' general meekness.
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