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Ancient cheat codes

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2013, 03:29
by aubergine
I'm cataloguing all cheat codes since v1.10a of the game and I've found some that I can't decypher (apparently these are XOR'ed)...

Found in 1.10 source code:

Code: Select all
//   {"OPHZM",kf_TogglePower},
//   {"VQKZMY^\\Z",kf_ToggleOverlays},
//   {"XVIZ ^SS",kf_AllAvailable},
//   {"LWPH R^OOVQXL",kf_ShowMappings},
//   {"KZROS^KZL",kf_GiveTemplateSet},
//   {"LZSZ\\K ^SS",kf_SelectAllCombatUnits},
//   {"YMPR ^]PIZ",kf_ToggleGodMode},
//   {"SZK KWZMZ ]Z SVXWK",kf_RecalcLighting},
//   {"YVQVLW QPH",kf_FinishResearch},
//   {"PJKSVQZ,",kf_ToggleOutline},
//   {"L\\MZZQ[JRO",kf_ScreenDump},
//   {"M^QXZL",kf_ToggleSensorDisplay},
//   {"JQVK LK^KL",kf_DebugDroidInfo},

Found in 2.0 source code:

Code: Select all
//   {"VQKZMY^\\Z",kf_ToggleOverlays},
//   {"LZSZ\\K ^SS",kf_SelectAllCombatUnits},
//   {"PJKSVQZ,",kf_ToggleOutline},
//   {"L\\MZZQ[JRO",kf_ScreenDump},

Does anyone know what the plain text version of the quoted XOR'ed strings is, and which version of the game they were present in?

Also, does anyone know what version of the game these codes were in (and what exactly did they do)?

* finish now
* show me the light
* show mappings
* templates

Re: Ancient cheat codes

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2013, 05:02
by Lord Apocalypse
I don't remember the codes, but you can search for the function they call and figure out what they do from there... Check cheat code sites for some of them. If you look at the rest of the cheat codes you will notice some are doubles and do pretty much the same thing as those commented out.

Re: Ancient cheat codes

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2013, 05:38
by vexed
Complete all active research work harder
Complete current mission hallo mein schatz
Display programmer message carol vorderman
Double strength double up
Easy mode easy
Extra 1 000 power show me the power
Flips direction when you change viewing angle of battlefield mouseflip
Hard mode hard
Indestructible units biffer baker
Infinite power whale fin
Kill all enemy units get off my land
Kill selected units killselected
Map jumps around demo mode
Normal mode normal
Screen shakes when units explode skakey
Show frame rate timedemo
Shows game speed how fast
Shows when cheats are activated version
Stop mission timer time toggle
Stronger units sparkle green
Toggle weather john kettley

Oh, the ones that start with // means that there was no code generated for those. Those are commented out.

Re: Ancient cheat codes

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2013, 06:44
by aubergine
Yup, but they must have been active at some point. Anyway, here's what I've got so far: cheat codes -- versions for most of the codes now complete, still a few unknowns though.

Re: Ancient cheat codes

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2013, 07:03
by Berg

Re: Ancient cheat codes

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2013, 18:20
by E-102 Gamma
I know the retail versions had a debug mode that did at least some of that stuff. ... 0_%28PC%29

I can verify that it works. I've done it myself, and I was actually the one who submitted it to that site.

Just a note: I believe their example with the "-fullscreen" launch option is not correct. You're supposed to choose a renderer (OGL, etc.).