Warzone 2100 in Windows Store

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Warzone 2100 in Windows Store

Post by Taruu_max » 29 Oct 2018, 21:41

It is not a violation of the GNU license?
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Re: Warzone 2100 in Windows Store

Post by NoQ » 29 Oct 2018, 23:41



Long story short: selling GPL software is legal and there exist large international corporations that make money pretty much entirely by selling open-source software with large portions of GPL software. The right of selling copies of the software is one of the freedoms of the user of the software, which is something that GPL seeks to *protect*, while giving copies away for free is in no way a responsibility.

However, if they are selling modified copies of the software, they must provide their complete source code to any user who buys their software. So if you want to sue them, you need to prove that their binary is modified, then buy the game from them, then require them to provide you the exact source code they used, then wait until they refuse. They are clearly not interested in refusing though, because their modifications are not unique killer features of their product, so it'll most likely turn out to be entirely legal.

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Re: Warzone 2100 in Windows Store

Post by vexed » 12 Nov 2018, 04:54

In this case, yes, it does appear they are violating the GPL.

They have been notified of this as well.
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