Help! The Forum is out to get me!

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Help! The Forum is out to get me!

Postby JimmyJack » 27 Jul 2017, 06:22

I want to make a post. So I login and log in. It tells me JimmyJack you are now logged in. I go make the post and hit the preview button. It takes me to the login page and tells me that I am not logged in. So I login the 2nd time and it takes me back to the post page that is now blank. :annoyed: Not the first time this has happened. :annoyed: :annoyed:

So today I come to make this post and when I hit the submit button It takes me to a page that tells me that I cannot post so soon after the last post. But it didn't make the last post. It logged me out and made me log back in and wiped my last post.

I am going to hit the submit button now. If anything happens to me ... Tell my wife I love her. ... And not to look under the bed.
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Transmission ends ...
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Re: Help! The Forum is out to get me!

Postby Berg » 28 Jul 2017, 02:05

I can see it worked so your problem is solved well done.
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