Forgot Password??

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Forgot Password??

Postby hamclubber2xre » 09 May 2017, 01:08

Last time a typed my password then
You exceeded the maximum allowed number of login attempts. In addition to your username and password you now also have to solve the CAPTCHA below.
what should i do now??
my previous username was hamclubber2x :x :stressed: :annoyed:

Re: Forgot Password??

Postby vexed » 13 May 2017, 21:42

The forum software IS sending out mail, once it leaves our servers, there really isn't nothing we can do.

I suggest everyone use gmail, since that seems to have the least amount of issues.
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Re: Forgot Password??

Postby HamClubber2x » 16 May 2017, 03:41

Managed to reset my pass :wink:
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