Virus in 3.1.3!

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Virus in 3.1.3!

Post by Viruss » 27 Jan 2016, 00:14

Virus detector say no to runs file
Antivirus Result Update
AegisLab Win.Troj.Agent 20160125

pleaze take out virus!

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Warzone 2100 Team Member
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Re: Virus in 3.1.3!

Post by stiv » 27 Jan 2016, 05:10

This is an error from your virus checker.

We occasionally get messages about this. Assuming you got 3.1.3 from our server, your virus scanner is giving a FALSE POSITIVE. This means it thinks something is in the code that is not. If you got Warzone from someplace else, don't!

We build our Windows version by cross-compiling with gcc on a Linux machine. Our files are hosted on a Linux server. Until it gets to your machine, Warzone never sees Windows.

You might want to tell your anti-virus provider.

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