Account hijacked ?

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Account hijacked ?

Postby Staff » 16 Nov 2013, 04:09

If you think your account has been hijacked, leave a message here with all the details.
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Sorry, this account has been deactivated.
Please post issues in Website feedback instead, only Moderators can read things there.
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Re: Account hijacked ?

Postby Roarkethemerciless » 15 Nov 2015, 13:54

Around one year ago i registered here. After that i was not able to log in. Forgot my password, but no email worked for recovery. Now i'm under Roarkethemerciless alias. I announced in the video on youtube. I presented recently in the forum, but my topic was not aproved.
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Re: Account hijacked ?

Postby vexed » 20 Nov 2015, 05:48

What was your username before?
Post all the details of the old account here. (Nobody else but mods can see this)

As for the video links, that don't seem to be Warzone 2100 related, so it is held in moderation queue, while we discuss it.
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