Music bug?

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Music bug?

Postby EVIL386 » 18 Aug 2008, 23:46

Just a quick thing I noticed:

After playing Skirmish for 1-2 Hrs, once i've won and clicked continue, pressed escape, then exit and confirmed.

The (ingame music and the menu music) OR (two copies of the menu music) are playing, and it still continues when you start another skirmish/SP game.

Although i did notice this, when this bug is happening, if you start a new game SP or Skirm then use the in-game menu to turn the music volume off, One track is now playing.

This to me looks like an unclosed audio buffer/channel once the game has ended.

Can any one else reproduce this? I wish i was better at C/C++ otherwise I would help debug it :-S ( I'm a C#/ coder myself :) )

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Re: Music bug?

Postby Buginator » 19 Aug 2008, 05:34

Hmm. I haven't noticed this (when I had music enabled), but then again, I haven't played with music much.

Can anyone else confirm this?
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Re: Music bug?

Postby soraoseka » 19 Aug 2008, 16:27

I confirm that bug on Vista x64.
However it s not a music played twice or three times for me and it occcured only when going back to desktop with alt+tab
but rather something unexplainable like reading the music buffer from two or three different places. For me the bug disapear after reloading another music or replaying it again. Only occured to me in the multiplayer room through. I can reproduce the bug easily by just doing alt+tab multiples times.
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Re: Music bug?

Postby BR0WNY » 04 Jan 2009, 09:00

Hello and Happy new year !

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