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Crazy bug in savegame

Posted: 01 Jun 2007, 22:12
by maacruz
I have hit some crazy bug in savegame during gamma campaign.
Now, each time I save the campaign, several entries appear for each saved game. Each of those multiple entries has only part of the name of the saved game, and only the last with the full name works.
To make it simple to understand, let's take a sample:
I save the campaign as "gamma6", then, when trying to load the campaign, the following entries will appear in the "Load Saved Game" screen:

The first two entries will not work and can't be deleted, so to make space to save the campaign as I advance, I have to clean files by hand in the savegame directory.
My system is 32 bit linux (opensuse 10.2), game release is 2.0.6

Re: Crazy bug in savegame

Posted: 02 Jun 2007, 03:18
by DevUrandom
Had a similar report a while ago. Will have a look.