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error : Assert in Warzone: display3d.c:908

Posted: 27 May 2007, 23:26
by borgcube
Warzone2100 Version

Operating System
Gentoo Linux x64

Warzone2100 Configuration

Bug Description
Ok, started over the campaign because the old savegames were not loadable anymore. So here I ended up with a reproducible crash upon my shiny transport leaving a map to enter the next (1st mission of that kind). If you wish you can check it out with attached savegame - just click the top left button and watch in awe :)

My console spits out:

This is the backtrace:

Since I know nothing about mapping and stuff there's not much I can do.

Re: error : Assert in Warzone: display3d.c:908

Posted: 28 May 2007, 01:32
by borgcube
mhmmm what really is weird: the game crashes on

Code: Select all

warzone2100: display3d.c:908: drawTiles: Assertion `i <= mapHeight && j <= mapWidth' failed.
but the dump shows

Code: Select all

	i = 0
	j = 45
how small must this map be?

PS: playing in non-debug mode is possible but laggy.