7.5" x 6" display w/ WZ 2.0.5

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7.5" x 6" display w/ WZ 2.0.5

Postby Panzer » 18 Nov 2006, 07:17

Same specs as post on same problem w/ WZ 2.0.4

Warzone 2100 ver. 2.0.5

Windows XP Home

2.7 GHZ Celeron/512  SDRAM/"standard system devices"

No configuring done

Image on 17" CRT display is only 7.5" x 6"

When I go to the command prompt and try to change directories to the Warzone 2100 directory, I get this message: "Warzone2100 is not recognized as an internal or external command,  program or batch file."

Please note that I am seriously compuchallenged in the Windows world.  DOS I could work around in.  Windows ????????  My two "idiots" books for XP have no info on entering command text, so I will literally do whatever you advise.  So I tried entering "./warzone -- fullscreen -- viewport 1280x960"  in the Command Prompt line.  Same mesage from Microsoft: not recognized.  I also tried typing in the info in the Read Me file in the Warzine 2100 folder.  Same mesage.  Not recognized.
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Re: 7.5" x 6" display w/ WZ 2.0.5

Postby Watermelon » 18 Nov 2006, 08:06

just create a warzone2100 shortcut,open up the 'file properties' and add the commandline options there:

"C:\Program Files\Warzone 2100\Warzone.exe" --fullscreen --viewport 1280x1024

An alternative way to do this is to find the config file(without any extension) in [your Documents and Settings]\[username]\warzone2100\ folder
and change 'fullscreen = 0'/'viewport = 640x480' to 'fullscreen = 1'/'viewport = 1280x1024' respectively.
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Re: 7.5" x 6" display w/ WZ 2.0.5

Postby lav_coyote25 » 18 Nov 2006, 11:09

already tried that approach.... here is a visual...


click here
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Re: 7.5" x 6" display w/ WZ 2.0.5

Postby DevUrandom » 18 Nov 2006, 13:19

That visual is good! Can we get that into the wiki?
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Re: 7.5" x 6" display w/ WZ 2.0.5

Postby Kamaze » 22 Nov 2006, 10:41

DevUrandom wrote:That visual is good! Can we get that into the wiki?

Seconded. :D

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