Warzone2.0.3 final released and Warzone Dev-Package/Runtimes updated!

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Warzone2.0.3 final released and Warzone Dev-Package/Runtimes updated!

Post by Kamaze » 03 Aug 2006, 22:08

In the front, we proudly present you our new page layout!
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Like the topic says, Warzone 2.0.3 has been released and the Dev-Package/Runtimes are updated.

First, the changes on the Developer's-Package and Runtimes:
The Warzone Runtime for users and the Developer's Package (containing everything needed to compile Warzone on Windows using MinGW or MSVC) has been updated. It now provides SDL 1.2.11, SDL_net 1.2.6, PhysFS 1.0.1, OpenAL 1.1, libogg 1.1.3, libvorbis 1.1.2, libmad 0.15.1b, libpng 1.2.12, jpeg 6b.
And second, we released Warzone 2.0.3 final.
Some of the major changes are...

* Added Master-Server support
* Scenario briefings are finally shown again
* Added PNG support (converted all old PCX files)
* Added support for JPEG files inside .wz packages
* Maximum polygons and vertices in pie files increased to 512
* Toggle shadows by pressing ALT+S

And off curse many other addons, improvements, bug- and crash-fixes.
Read the full ChangeLog for details.

You can find all the files -and off course the source- on our download page.

Regards, the Dev-Team.
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