Multiplayer release master-20110118 is now released!

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Multiplayer release master-20110118 is now released!

Postby Cyp » 18 Jan 2011, 04:29

The Warzone 2100 Project staff bring you a new special testing build, master-20110118

This release brought to you by: Electromagnetic radiation.

This build features the new netcode that everyone has been waiting for.
We eagerly await feedback for this Special Testing build!

NOTE: command line options now require a "=" before the parameter.
For example, --configdir=./blah

NOTE: For mac users: Support for 10.4 has been discontinued; using 10.6 is highly recommended as 10.5 does not support a sufficiently high OpenGL version for all types of GFX cards.

Main changes:
Several desynchs fixed. Some arbitrary limits removed or increased. Ranges in design menu easier to understand. No attempting to shoot through terrain, since the attempts failed anyway.

Known bugs:
This release contains no bugs. In games with the semperfi AI, there will eventually be a desynch when it designs a new template. (The other AIs don't design new templates.) Teams and colours of AIs are only visible to the host. Apparently doesn't work on windows, due to "return true;" mysteriously resulting in a function returning false.

Please submit all bugs via this link, and follow the directions listed at the link, we need every bit of that information in order to fix bugs!

Downloads will be made available at our usual site:
Warzone 2100 file releases on Sourceforge.

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Re: Multiplayer release master-20110118 is now released!

Postby macuser » 18 Jan 2011, 16:10

Great, nice to see progress ;) MUCH more stable now
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Re: Multiplayer release master-20110118 is now released!

Postby Terminator » 21 Jan 2011, 09:02

Does anybody were able to launch the game ? I always got this error. Have tried on both my PC, - the same thing happens.
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Re: Multiplayer release master-20110118 is now released!

Postby Siber » 21 Jan 2011, 10:58

I'm fully capable of launching the game, but I can't get a multiplayer game together. Whenever I try only the host can ready up.
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Re: Multiplayer release master-20110118 is now released!

Postby effigy » 25 Jan 2011, 00:20

Selecting a different AI to play each base and closing player slots looks very nice!
This is why some features aren't implemented:
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