3.3.0 (Beta) Multiplayer issues

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Re: 3.3.0 (Beta) Multiplayer issues

Post by andrvaut » 08 Mar 2019, 22:55

qwerty-man wrote:
08 Mar 2019, 21:06
3.2.3 version of this - horror.

But now 3.2.3 default version download from sourceforge.net
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Re: 3.3.0 (Beta) Multiplayer issues

Post by 9_yAm_9 » 12 Mar 2019, 21:33

Hi my dear rukozhopy import creators of version 3.3.0
You kill this strange igrukha, the near and brainless ideas, namely -
1. Templates work a her!
2. The bullet flies by through walls how so??
3. Range where got to in the menu of orders??
4. The menu of institute at last can who thread will correct what it would not be closed at last???

and in general good fellows!

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