Requesting community help again to help clear out tickets.

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Requesting community help again to help clear out tickets.

Post by vexed » 12 Nov 2018, 04:35

Really nice to see some community members pitching in around here to help with the next release, that is really appreciated!

I am now hoping that some community members will be willing to look at trac tickets, and help clear out some of these.

The oldest one is 3173 days old! :oops: :cry:

What is needed is, you can go here: and start looking at those tickets, and see if they still apply to the current master version of the game. The master version is the next one that we will be making releases from, so, it is good to clear as many of these really old tickets as possible.
You can find those builds here: ... ent-builds

So, you basically read what the ticket says, and then reply if it is still an issue for a master build, you can login using your forum credentials to leave a reply.

That will help us out immensely by closing down lots of tickets that don't apply to the latest builds anymore.

Thanks in advance!
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