MP Testing for the next release (3.3.0) needed!

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MP Testing for the next release (3.3.0) needed!

Postby vexed » 14 Jan 2018, 06:21

We have a Campaign thread for testing things out, and it is going great!

Now, we need the same thing done for you MP people.
There have been a TON of things changed, and I know some of you might not like the changes, so, if that is you, PLEASE speak up now before the release is done!

Remember, weapon balance is still a big thing, and if you don't tell us about all the issues, they can't be fixed before the next release.

Keep all feedback about these builds in this thread, and thanks for testing!
Also be sure to tell us what version you are using, like 97a25c1 if you get one of the ones just generated.

Also remember, that ALL people need to have the exact same build. Right now, they are:
warzone2100-master-20180114-024100-97a25c1.exe 14-Jan-2018 02:45 104M (Windows)
warzone2100-master-20180114-024100-97a25c1.tar.xz 14-Jan-2018 02:39 78M (Linux) 14-Jan-2018 03:28 96M (Mac!!)

You can find these and all test builds we do here:

P.S, yes, you can install multiple versions of the game, no need to uninstall. These are all portable builds, self contained, and all information will be written to the install directory ONLY.

Here is a sample of what has been done.
Code: Select all
 * General:
   * Add: New challenge "Two-Faced" from forum member Forgon (commit:2535b921a40afc0a760a54f9efe31494d95dcc7b)
   * Add: Chat link to main menu (commit:6797cf4681ebe35f50785f08f54c4da8d42e432e)
   * Add: New save game file "main.json" (commit:6670ce187a559dbed0fcbd7a0b49ee61488801fb)
   * Change: C++11 modernization (commit:9d0f604d5ac7a5968d3b8582ed5934eb4117bee4, commit:8aa07d1939c8e66759828df7b524f9b4854cebb4, commit:4c4b2845f95901245d5d90153d55a5d3db7b3b80)
   * Change: Only scroll one tab when pressing Tab Scroll Left and Tab Scroll Right (commit:8bac137cf94252241e20f667b9e60639d19e5641, ticket:4643)
   * Change: No longer show the game credits screen upon exit (commit:cf1c3fbf4706f7a3657ba369db235af8b6f3e981, ticket:3322)
   * Change: Abolish a slight camera rotation at the start of every game (commit:c83236b788f3decae8843d3480f64ed91f14316e, ticket:4642)
   * Change: Factories being destroyed could cause annoying asserts. Now set to quiet warnings (commit:616f142c6a031fc36aceb05f8c40156c563225bb)
   * Fix: Trying not to crash on loading unknown templates (commit:44a1e1085d4811a0ceeeac8406457098f190c4a3, ticket:4581)
   * Fix: Always show template designs (commit:20c70fd00a5f155a5ff465866841591e4a23946e, ticket:4440)
   * Fix: Do not desync when destroying droids with animations (commit:123ded59aedc53dc2344be9807c321774613946f)
   * Fix: Mods not read properly on save-load (commit:bd2bac6a5a81205f131b2bbe6efb41b6129b0c4c)
   * Fix: Can create Mac builds again (commit:32d4fb46776bbf4f30b99f36f3534d06ea23477e, commit:e4491400c34902ee992adbe43fed95f0d401382f)
   * Fix: Player properties names and AI (commit:18ec97beb53fb5c0677e2ccaaec4686edca25fd1, ticket:4628)
   * Fix: Do not try loading videos if none are available (commit:81bf12847181ce7ddc7b096f2049e2c8bb949e35, ticket:4631)
   * Fix: Primary hold order working (commit:27460ef00625c9c2d8594892bd5263896f1afcfb, commit:561bbbc7653927d9326a43657648ccec9a2a34d7)
   * Fix: Try to store designs when they are created (commit:c693e7c11249692bd111c8d51acf024aa107c52e)
   * Fix: Do not show resolutions below 640x480 (commit:3312e06e84f22a2d9c3b2687b9aeda99b8dbe1fc, ticket:4623)
   * Fix: Music not playing on save-load or not playing the right music in skirmish (commit:b016f609d704ce4df022e3a89f4f70f6eaabbee7)
   * Fix: Being put in cheat mode on loading saves (commit:4b91398c86a8d3e1e9c05787768508ad5929dcbc, ticket:4612)
 * Graphics:
   * Add: Wrap texture objects (commit:ac08585f245b1dd36bbd8d0a9f88b2352418f845, commit:d3b81130ae12006f54f7a8cd17846ff42ac01398)
   * Fix: Make shaders compile on more systems (commit:3ec60e361e6bab478af77b51f79ab88f1ceac6db, ticket:4584)
   * Fix: Rename similar variables in shaders (commit:c1131be441afa534f9ec5be76baeb6137dc94844, ticket:4589)
   * Fix: Graphics driver warning when building structures (commit:f2d71eea0e03a6c2f7afcc8698a3883796f09346)
 * Campaign:
   * Add: Dynamic difficulty making missions significantly easier or harder based on difficulty. Adds Insane difficulty (commit:cb19c7672fe915b95795e3af33c63c9d567faccc)
   * Add: Power limits for Hard and Insane difficulty (commit:45abd912e08d0802edc5aaf6d591370ec95682ba)
   * Change: Do not store or load templates which are already saved in the save file anyway (commit:d935f57c26d48fd5b431075ac0b7c6bec1315da8)
   * Change: Research uses one file instead of three (commit:a696594896c9ec605d29bc58eb9b77af13e822f4)
   * Change: Rename stats for scavenger weapons (commit:25de2991b2da64125c8c863aeaafe4bec50ad81d, ticket:4674)
   * Change: Campaign mission scripts completely rewritten to JavaScript (too many commits)
   * Change: Nexus uses more sounds in the home base defend mission (commit:acc508e0478558d0809d18f146b56d6f5a310ab6)
   * Fix: Overall script stability is much better than before (too many commits)
   * Fix: Limbo droids lost on save from the Gamma 2 mission (commit:8125a4098d3e73990e69d8e8b0738e837d4ff2e1)
   * Fix: New Paradigm plateau transporter not arriving if all LZ's occupied with droids (commit:bd752be52f1c4d8d755c7bad3c9953b4eac0af8b)
   * Fix: Mission end backdrop displaying after winning (commit:9efc45a48b6ef906d628d80a2a57cae998d6f1e1, commit:9d3c2ce8dcc1c7fafcacce9d94c3661350365b7f)
   * Fix: Do not share ally vision with player (commit:8c9e7260333d6388438a091aad493bd2e11a965e, commit:e36ebcf38e76a4992878dec18f040f7db41851c7, ticket:4673)
   * Fix: Show droid rank in transporter when not off-world also (commit:4cfa002cecd071406a18dbf7046b9ebfd1466f83)
   * Fix: Race condition with danger maps (commit:9f25071068dd2edefb0f9fc9e17873a7c5e7a230, ticket:4633)
   * Fix: Show the correct options for mission fail when in debug mode (commit:1595decca92330bd1c00b14bb884b23ae5c2b0d1, ticket:4683)
   * Fix: Do not use the Arizona sky texture in Beta and Gamma campaigns (commit:5f9aa021e8e719b1705f135b39042f22641b540c)
   * Fix: Beta scavengers use the civilian texture again (commit:fa6e0cb16c7d2a1b08c3a94e25dcc191eb3e3c8d)
   * Fix: Being able to build Command Relay in off-world missions (commit:bb0ce5fd50a0a596e18895ef4955d31a0823d9d0)
   * Fix: Potential power exploit in Alpha 3 before building power module (commit:33bea183138c4836abd9342dc11dd03200ea2a45)
   * Fix: Campaign library not warning player about incoming enemy transporter (commit:c39da0858ba7f1926b8633859e85ade8166610d9)
   * Fix: Droids placed in the corner of the home map when producing them and then loading a save off-world (commit:fc172d8338f16ca4ef79747c04625e5e2fb2751d, ticket:3907)
   * Fix: Potential temporary lockup on sudden vision field increases (commit:800c1b6df440670f45f595e49fb83ff7ee7f724d, ticket:4644)
 * Multiplayer:
   * Change: Move Technology level scripts to JavaScript (commit:d31f6a2c704ada8f46957a34279af78deafdeec7)
   * Change: Move structure limiting into structure.json (commit:924135c98d630d638fcee74b8ebf85d10af2dfa1, commit:9c272aa528bab38fb8d598a7f2676745ca347a4b)
   * Fix: Do not assert on loading skirmish saves when the player has lost or won (commit:77f9e5cada8469948c66ca9c3851e6991f533142, ticket:4590, ticket:3928)
   * Fix: Score and kills not showing in skirmish (commit:a74041b99442caa1c7e14c0ff409fc120c20e666, ticket:3491)
 * Scripting:
   * Add: Add a way for a script library to register a namespace (commit:19d37399c3fcb31fbb87cb1419125c6cb133aa16)
   * Add: useSafetyTransport() function (commit:d511cad4d15ca7ae5ecefc678527bb0a253cafde)
   * Add: setObjectFlag function (commit:6ea98200a90304a7dd54cdddb6a11910ad57cc39)
   * Add: Events and functions for alliances (commit:3670bbdb5b193a8ff59342e171810fe44415d9bb)
   * Add: fireWeaponAtLoc() function (commit:3c907bd4e4cd6290b306e847c81c060656a45fcd, commit:1cdd7bdb91fd99c7a5c9db73333c29bb76e32ff5)
   * Add: clearConsole() function (commit:e26b9516d3e065527e41fe5006f9f94983653882)
   * Add: restoreLimboMissionData() function (commit:8109d46e619fd5ca5f1220a5858b513db4114d6c)
   * Add: hackPlayIngameAudio() and hackStopIngameAudio() functions (commit:e26b9516d3e065527e41fe5006f9f94983653882)
   * Add: getMultiTechLevel() function (commit:d31f6a2c704ada8f46957a34279af78deafdeec7)
   * Add: setCampaignNumber() function (commit:b016f609d704ce4df022e3a89f4f70f6eaabbee7, commit:d60d6559c8fd930963b66bb6c3929f703b5d70f6)
   * Add: A lot of events for menus (commit:629d43771b4ab621fcedb8403165f7557b235bdf, commit:b5f8a07af0f1cbad8379dfa11724ceacc9f50ce8)
   * Change: Move weather scripts to JavaScript (commit:b016f609d704ce4df022e3a89f4f70f6eaabbee7, commit:d60d6559c8fd930963b66bb6c3929f703b5d70f6)
   * Change: Allow mods to use more than one HQ before removing the radar mini-map (commit:590434843c202e92d7ab7e5488f31de9e196ecfa, ticket:3465)
   * Fix: removeTimer function (commit:4a24e8e2753d02775b6732d59c23a75a79b83f72)
   * Remove: Base game wzscript files (commit:2999513e057beae4940209a18de2b74cfa5026dc, commit:76ac44c84b7f89a860c743202bb002586d137e63, commit:88cb1b6123bbd5fd9d3a66ea6dfb0e5eca15e6c3)
 * AI:
   * Fix: Improved SemperFi-JS (commit:7af101472e0d66c4a73e684f17edf79f8d52505c, commit:6ed849c61a927184095fe7cbf3faa039e1f78860, commit:5b0de613a973ba96faab14ccf7f19a96c10c6a61)
   * Fix: Cyborg engineer and Cyborg mechanic having nothing but legs (commit:490b91d4420ba0985289955520229a1b8b022096, commit:a856dea5afb52fc4436304f66d1fa375293110e0)
   * Fix: Nullbot can research Super Pulse Laser cyborgs without asserting (commit:52db9416a8fbb7984165bbdc58b4b96efe872c33, ticket:4639)
 * Other:
   * Add: Docker file for cross-compilation (commit:b866f11b48c9043a505a8444b295b1c22aeffb6c)
   * Add: Basic CMakeLists.txt structure (commit:fa0bde7ab818174ea09505d4fc6b560588522146, commit:ae921a9ca922434ce0ad445d1dfc52e36059ff39)
   * Add: Configuration option to enable or disable radar north arrow (commit:c5db25a75ea34d263ce3243f04ba4110b936ac52)
   * Change: Use datarootdir as prefix for non game-Specific system paths (commit:65152d8110d02357202941b21b819f047d2f1536)
   * Change: Print console message when re-aligning direction (commit:e8718ea80464e8768c12261a06c277cf3d153dcf, ticket:4620)
   * Change: Replace OpenSSL with micro-ECC and SHA2 libraries (commit:f1c474153f7c55b5b39a9fdb805a7a7a4c1819c8)
   * Change: Make zip file creation reproducible (commit:714399bfd5c9effa0a9b1bba8f26b625eadeb1da)
   * Change: Play music in intelligence screen (commit:92722cb9726b8a1eb094b217857fc0a14f430741, ticket:4632)
   * Change: Create all configuration folder subdirectories on program start (commit:2007f14910d36b4a05e1a308a0b2b720634d4c40, ticket:4664)
   * Change: Convert fast-play demo to JavaScript (commit:04f2ffe87d50d5ce2a24091a4b4c7a89bf8180d6)
   * Change: Convert tutorial to JavaScript (commit:8ff03b8b2f232df6e2528a8badd58849b35488b9, commit:410869b15d5e57d8774be74b4b7e399fb968527e)
   * Change: Improved debug menu (commit:9765b31136f18f21eb11627a7a705260d3d70641, commit:c3ef25159a0e4eae0ba3bfa68d34d303b124d1a8, commit:ad70d31cb77212ec215b907bf8c46ff52b8fcc52)
   * Change: Clear information messages after game end (commit:9edf1e646ce99fd99a895b771b63678710d2378a, ticket:4621)
   * Change: address player as Commander in campaign and tutorial (commit:3a871f21d8bbc5a660d5ce996a56e65761905fe5, ticket:4612)
   * Change: Allow exiting the main menu "Campaign" with the escape  key (commit:c64a9a3430b45aa6879241c53f42a62d4db084d7, ticket:4648)
   * Fix: Clang build fixes (commit:3e224b79a8c2ea98603444ac9827670f55db8004, commit:7b022c5a6c359f4053b314b3ee750c2b5561c41f)
   * Fix: Spaces in folder names breaking autorevision (commit:178dd3f1f15e02ad7fe8e1266379448550eaf55f)
   * Fix: Crash when opening debug menu in tutorial (commit:c0c20ab39965f4c062dc51d34ad8367d0e2b88f3, ticket:4681)
   * Fix: Logging or source code spelling corrections (commit:d0dd6cf6b801918cba042b65bdc56e183fb675fd, commit:2ce9492056d84846a07174770cfc2c46abf44e7b, ticket:4612)
   * Remove: Unused sensor turret properties in design menu (commit:c6b628e2c0c815467f0799c6c65e2f88d31585d3, ticket:4619)
   * Remove: Do not save showFPS configuration option twice (commit:55c77847e4137c219170fff80d0342a0742499dd, ticket:4645)
 * Modding:
   * Add: Ability to make weapon have no friendly fire with NoFriendlyFire (commit:d75ccdea67fb48f41b370a0c15cea3b6703f344e)
 * Balance:
   * Change: Droid ranks are now a brain property and can be upgraded (commit:e760917fef73e172f0149a632a7505303b25080b)
   * Change: HitPoint handling in stats (commit:b1cb129247bca05fb35e50b15e8bedee2d6f4a8a)
   * Change: Jammer tower and droid balancing (commit:0e78612aebdf738677bfb1d5986771667373e354, commit:6f919d4d87b32aa72b8ea65e20460795c8cbbc1b)
   * Fix: Autoreplace cyborg flamer with thermite flamer (commit:8dca9a6bbabd0ff0923a088a9d0ee95d078d8ad3)
   * Fix: Autoreplace cyborg rocket for cyborg scourge missile and heavy gunner for hyper velocity cannon (commit:55f5998c52a0cb2e889aa60c92e79167fc6dc8ed)
   * Fix: Structures not having initial thermal armor (commit:3dd4cdbe548e64ad18c3e06ad427e90fd00c1aa8, ticket:4616)
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