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Re: Help needed testing 3.2.x Campaign games!

PostPosted: 30 Jun 2018, 21:24
by Berserk Cyborg
Take a break in those situations. Otherwise it will compound and annoy you even more the longer whatever it is keeps happening.

AI unit attack orders will choose the closest thing to them most of the time. Move your mortars to the east and away from the north valley, if playing on insane.

The whole idea of Alpha 5 is to be overwhelmingly out-gunned and not ready for this new mysterious enemy. This is no walk in the park anymore, these guys mean business, and the Project better adapt, fast. The player needs to tough it out on this mission. No way around it. The Project just don't have anything to match this enemy at all. At least, until they steal their technology to even the odds.

Remember that the Project has only been using their weapons against a less than professional army of weakly armored scavenger vehicles, not strongly armored vehicles. Where as before you are shooting at a fire-truck or school bus, at best. Scavenger vehicles can not compare to any of the medium/heavy bodies at all.

Then the Project gets advanced repair bays, increased maufacturing technology, commanders, the versatile and stronger Cobra body, hardcrete, bunkers... by Alpha 6 the Project is pretty much unstoppable. And then the Project invents the lancer, the ultimate armor piercing weapon for quite a while, invent the bunker-buster, an extension of the lancer branch, which forever remains one of the best anti-structure weapon, and start getting the more powerful cannons.

The flamer in its current form is as good as it will get. Given its ROF, any more damage and it'll be old assault gun territory. About the best I can compromise is to create an anti-tank flamer designed for vehicles and act as the opposite of current flamer: slow ROF, heavy, and lots of damage at once. A "flame1mk2" stat if you will.

Re: Help needed testing 3.2.x Campaign games!

PostPosted: 30 Jun 2018, 23:43
by alfred007
Bethrezen wrote:The difference though is that I'm not using stupid amounts of mobile repair units I only use 2 with each squad.

So instead of using a stupid amount of repair units, you are using a stupid amount of combat units. Makes sense ;)

Bethrezen wrote:More over the computer kept overriding my orders and my mortars keep charging in to enemy fire and getting destroyed when I tried setting them on guard to control the scav's because they wont obey the hold order when there attached to a scanner which is bloody irritating even more irritatingly for some reason the new paradigm reinforcements that come in from off screen kept ignore the units attacking there base and kept going after my mortars which is kind of odd, one would assume the new paradigm reinforcements would go after the units attacking there base but noooo the computer has to be awkward so the combination of those 3 things effectively renders mortars completely useless on alpha 5

I'm a little bit surprised because of your problems with mortars. I set my mortars to "Do-or-Die" and "Hold-Fire", my sensor units to "Do-or-Die" and "Fire-at -will". I don't use the guard or hold order but just place the sensor at the place I want him, move the mortars a few tiles behind him and then attach them to the sensor. If I want a special order of the targets that the sensor should attack I set him also to "Hold-Fire" and select the targets manually. At the picture below you see the mortars and the sensor I used to control the newly produced scavengers of the southern base. And they didn't move until I gave them the order to move. But you're right, with the old hold order the mortars were easier to control. The current hold order is no help to control mortars.


The reason why I use mortars instead of light cannon units is that I want to gain more experience. When light cannons destroy an enemy unit I get one point of experience. If I use mortars I get one point for the mortar and one more for the sensor like it is when you attach units to a commander. And to protect my sensor I place some repair units between the sensor and the NP units. This is war and all's fair in love and war. You have the weaker weapons and your units are weaker armoured in comparison to the NP, so you have to use every advantage you have. Either using a lot of repair units or using a lot of combat units. I don't agree that mortars are useless in alpha 05. I mainly used mortars to win the level and only 10 half-tracked light cannon units to control the ground reinforcements.

Farther, before I started my attack at the middle scavenger base I destroyed the newly produced units for five minutes with my mortars to gain more experience. So if I would have only used four minutes to gain experience I would have researched everything until the end of the level. So the livel timer is ok for me.

Last but not least the question is: Do you want any changes for alpha 05 or can we move forward to alpha 06?