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Release 3.2.0 beta4

Posted: 29 May 2016, 00:21
by Per
Hello everyone,

We have yet another new beta release of Warzone 2100 based on the famous "git master" branch. This beta again contains only a lot of bugfixes. Thanks to everyone who has been testing and reporting bugs in the previous beta.

It is available at our usual location: ... 2.0_beta4/

If you wish to compile it yourself directly from our repo:

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git fetch origin --tags
git checkout 3.2.0_beta4
then proceed as normal with the build process.

Please report all bugs to, and not on the forums.

We have changed our release procedure a bit in order to get releases out faster. We now make releases straight off the master branch, rather than branching off a stable branch from which we make releases. This might result in some oddities in this beta. Please report anything that looks amiss.

2016-06-19: Version 3.2.0 beta4

  • Change: Add default teams for Clover, Manhattan and MizaMaze (d53404f63b)
  • Fix: Crash if construction droids were doing construction without being ordered to (4c6d778351, #4417, #4417)
  • Fix: Loading of default teams, given non-default starting positions (d53404f63b, #4341)
  • Fix: Desynch on destroying droids while trying to build droids at droid limit (63506e6849)
  • Change: Add team colour to repair facility turret (2fd3a50608, #4415)
  • Fix: Stretch to ground of defensive and wall structures did not work (94d0afe21c)
  • Fix: Structure direction not taken into account when stretching to ground (04df320e5a, #4366)
  • Fix: Weapon rate of fire upgrades did not take effect on burst-fire weapons (9498600700, #4411)

Re: Release 3.2.0 beta4

Posted: 20 Jun 2016, 11:33
by Terminator
Seems like NUllbot 3.04 wasn't included in this build. NoQ said it will.

Re: Release 3.2.0 beta4

Posted: 20 Jun 2016, 18:59
by NoQ
I didn't have time to push it, sry. Next one then.