Release 3.2.0 beta3

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Release 3.2.0 beta3

Post by Per » 29 May 2016, 00:21

Hello everyone,

We have yet another new beta release of Warzone 2100 based on the famous "git master" branch. This beta again contains only a lot of bugfixes. Thanks to everyone who has been testing and reporting bugs in the previous beta.

Unfortunately, this beta breaks savegame compatibility! We're very sorry about this. We try to avoid this during a beta cycle, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

It is available at our usual location: ... 2.0_beta3/

If you wish to compile it yourself directly from our repo:

Code: Select all

git fetch origin --tags
git checkout 3.2.0_beta3
then proceed as normal with the build process.

Please report all bugs to, and not on the forums.

We have changed our release procedure a bit in order to get releases out faster. We now make releases straight off the master branch, rather than branching off a stable branch from which we make releases. This might result in some oddities in this beta. Please report anything that looks amiss.

2016-05-28: Version 3.2.0 beta3

  • Fix: Garbled translations in scripts due to parsing as Latin1 instead of UTF-8 (ee69d3ae29, #4380)
  • Fix: Language names for NSIS installer (11fc451b41)
  • Fix: Untranslatable text in lobby (f03488e704, #4296)

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