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Forum Compromised

Posted: 26 Jun 2013, 04:44
by vexed
Read the front page for more info.

Re: Forum Compromised

Posted: 23 Sep 2013, 18:31
by Per
We have been informed that Finnish authorities have arrested the person who broke into our server. They believe the perpetrator may have attacked several hundred web sites in total. They say there is no indication that any data stolen from any of these sites have been given to third parties.

Given the terrible amount of work and the long downtime this incident caused, it is good to hear that justice has been served.

Re: Forum Compromised

Posted: 23 Sep 2013, 19:02
by stiv
Good to hear, Per!

Having watched from the sidelines as vexed worked every day to clean up this mess, I'd say he deserves a medal for his efforts.

Re: Forum Compromised

Posted: 23 Sep 2013, 22:15
by Rommel
Good to hear,

I do a bit of programming and lots of people ask me if I "hack" (they probably mean crack), etc - many seem to think of it as some kind of noble thing to be a cracker... I soon let them know that I absolutely detest the practice and would in fact enjoy slapping a so called cracker or script kiddie around if I got the chance :)

Hope the guy gets what he deserves.