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Re: Requesting donations

Post by Timilian » 15 Apr 2013, 17:22


I made monthly supporting subscription, but not used PayPal earlier. I hope I did everything right.
Thank you for your project and wish the game to become even better! :D

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Re: Requesting donations

Post by Merowingg » 16 Apr 2013, 06:30

Per I have no skills of that kind. But we have many that did even miracles in comparison to this T-shirt here. I think the logo we see above both on black and white materials optional would be enough. At least at the very beginning.

I do not know how to make good looking bigh logo good to be placed on T-shirt. But it should not be very hard I think, but I have no idea.

I saw the donation page, but somehow it scares me. I still think a cool table would look nice. And some news like, "the last payment xccdderolnnn thanx!"

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Re: Requesting donations

Post by Per » 10 May 2013, 00:00

Per wrote:Seems like I don't always get the nickname info you put in. But when this is missing, I send out an email to ask.
I stopped doing this. It seems that the majority of people donating actually want to be anonymous, and sending out these requests took more time than I'd like.

If you want to be listed as a contributor, and do not see your name on the list on the donations page after an update, contact me and I'll sort it out. Otherwise I'll assume you really want to be anonymous when I do not see a forum nick in the donation message.

Thanks a lot to everyone who has donated so far!

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