Developer interview #2 - DevUrandom

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Developer interview #2 - DevUrandom

Post by Giel » 09 Oct 2007, 17:36

Hello folks!

Recently Kreuvf, from (Warzone's German fansite), had an interview with DevUrandom, one of the developers on Warzone 2100. In this interview DevUrandom tells about his and the developers team's achievments and plans for the 2.1 version of Warzone.

The interview can be found at Kreuvf's Warzone 2100 blog (and the above link of course).

I'm looking forward to Kreuvf's next interview.
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Re: Developer interview #2 - DevUrandom

Post by Rman Virgil » 12 Oct 2007, 07:05


* Lot's of interestin info - like a good article at "How Stuff Works". :)

* Actually there's only one thing missing - Devurandum !!!!

* That is to say an interview is not just an article in Q & A format.

* Where is the essence of Devurandum vis-a-vis WZ ?

* The spirit, character & personality that is Devurandum & connects to efforts on behalf of WRP - where is it ?

* Here, let me demonstrate:

* RV: Dev, how did you get hooked on WZ ? Like, what is it about the game that facinates you most ?

* Dev:.........

* RV: Dev, is it WZ MP, the CAM, SKI or all the above that rocks the RTS gamer within you ? Are there any other RTSs you're especially fond of ?

* Dev:...........

* RV: Obviously you're dedicated to the WRP, so I'm wondering Dev, what do you get out of it in the way of personal satisfaction ?

* Dev:.............

* RV: Dev you seem like a guy that looks down the road, has goals, I'm wondering if there is anything beyond the WRP Mission Statement that you'd go gaga over if it could be implemented ?

* Dev........


* Well you get the drift..

* I know for sure Dev's not an "I, Robot" automoton.... but that's how it comes across...

* An interview were the interviewee is brought to life, along with their bonds to the subject at hand, by the interviewer would be the bomb.

- RV :)

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