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by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 20:08
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: Quality of Multiplayer games >HOST<
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Re: Quality of Multiplayer games >HOST<

Yea, but with the multiplayer ranking you can be a rubbish player but have all the stars and medals and vise versa for the host ranking system.
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 20:05
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Hiatus
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Re: Hiatus

Ok... Lol no-one has replied for 11 months!
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 20:00
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: "Would you ever..." game :)
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Re: "Would you ever..." game :)

E-102 Gamma wrote:No. :roll:

Would you ever challenge a snake to an arm-wrestling contest?
Depends on what type of snake :oops: ... probably, no :D !

Would you lie on a bed of nails with not much safety equipment :shock: :lol2: ?
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:58
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Problems on vista
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Re: Problems on vista

:shock: :shock: WHAT, that sounds bad... :fie:
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:56
Forum: Website feedback
Topic: Download page
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Re: Download page

Yes, that's a good idea.
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:54
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: Global map color adjustment
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Re: Global map color adjustment

The adjusted does look much better.
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:50
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Mr.Freeman
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Re: Mr.Freeman

What the heck! That video was freaky... really weird!
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:45
Forum: 2.3.x
Topic: Bug in 2.3.7
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Re: Bug in 2.3.7

Update to 2.3.9.
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:43
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: A classic ...
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Re: A classic ...

Lets hope it will!
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:42
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: maps by core
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Re: maps by core

You should change the shape... it might offend someone...
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:39
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Russia vs Canada
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Re: Russia vs Canada

What??? O_o O_o O_o :hmm: :dontknow:
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:38
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: Chase Me Chase Me
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Re: Chase Me Chase Me

Hmm, interesting - very interesting...

by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:36
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: Antarctica
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Re: Antarctica

Cool map!
by Jonix
12 Nov 2011, 19:35
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: 4c Desert-V1
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Re: 4c Desert-V1

Looks promising... I'll try it out as soon as I have some time on my hands.