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by Darkling
03 Jul 2016, 05:01
Forum: Website feedback
Topic: Warzone 2100 v2.3.9 for Linux and the command to compile.
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Re: Warzone 2100 v2.3.9 for Linux and the command to compile

you can find the source code for version 2.3.9 at click on releases and then keep on going until you find the version you want and download it. Once it's downloaded extract the tar.gz file into a folder in your home directory (for example warzone2100). Open...
by Darkling
01 Jun 2016, 01:57
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Rush hour traffic
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Rush hour traffic

I was playing a skirmish game against 7 AI with no teams. The purple AI (Nullbot 3.03, hard) had been doing quite well, taking out it's neighbours until it got it's armour column stuck there.
The yellow is a nullbot turtle.
by Darkling
22 Feb 2016, 05:33
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Install mods in ubuntu/linux mint
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Re: Install mods in ubuntu/linux mint

if you don't want to load the mod everytime you start warzone, then you can create a folder called "global" within the mods folder .warzone2100-3.1/3.1.3/mods/global then you can select the mod you want to play by starting warzone from a terminal (open with cntrl -alt -t) and typing warzone2100 --mo...
by Darkling
07 Feb 2016, 01:44
Forum: Balance
Topic: @per about accuracy
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Re: @per about accuracy

Some thoughts from a lurker: Just thinking about the maths, accuracy and RoF are too sides of the same coin. Changes to accuracy can be offset by changes to RoF so that you get the same number of hits per unit time. However, (I don't really know how it's implemented in-game) it's possible that chang...