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by rockking
12 Jul 2016, 19:54
Forum: News and announcements
Topic: Release 3.2.0!
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Re: Release 3.2.0!

Thanks for Release 3.2.0 it was really required and released on time. I observed some good changes then previous version (3.1.5) - specially I like the improvement in Graphics, Vehicle movement and showing required power cost for improvement and buildings. I appreciate the work but I think still nee...
by rockking
27 May 2011, 10:56
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: Where is IdeaTorrent?
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Where is IdeaTorrent?

This off-topic conversation was split from Re: Weapons

1'st thing....any body can give me here of ....."IdeaTorrent".....!!!???

i have some Ideas to make the game better and interesting.... so do i explain and to whom....!!!???
by rockking
26 May 2011, 08:40
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: More missile technology
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More missile technology

I think deferent Types (not only one -- many types---include science fiction fantasy type) of Missile technology .... will make this Game more attractive and interesting.....