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by Dart00
25 Oct 2010, 02:40
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Way to Rollback Saves?
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Way to Rollback Saves?

I have a small question.... Is there a way to Roll back saves or restart a mission? I just started Mission 1 on campaign Beta but goofed up and spent my precious "10 minutes" loading weak units into my the time they reach the base thats under attack, they are blown away in like 2 minu...
by Dart00
24 Oct 2009, 06:07
Forum: 2.2.x
Topic: Need help compiling Warzone v2.2.4....
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Need help compiling Warzone v2.2.4....

Well today is day 4 of my Warzone 2100 adventure! I found the game in the repositorys and really liked it....It was version 2.1 something...problem was after the title screen before game play the sound stopped :(...and when I quit the game I got a full screen splash screen of something with a pumkin...