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by Warnernup
17 Jan 2019, 17:36
Forum: Mapping / Modding tools & discussions
Topic: New Model; New Paradigm Strike fighter. (experimental)
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New Model New Paradigm Strike fighter experimental

Its hard for me to press Alt-F9 in the middle of a battle without dying. The way I build levels, Im always in the middle of a battle. Is there any way to change the screenshot key?
by Warnernup
12 Jan 2019, 16:46
Forum: Coding
Topic: How to read crash dumps, and what causes them
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How to read crash dumps and what causes them

Amateur question:
How do you read two keys? Are there some special codes for combinations of keys? From what memory location do you read keypress?
by Warnernup
30 Dec 2018, 04:44
Forum: Balance
Topic: Artillery Over Powered yes no
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Artillery Over Powered yes no

Your over-powered Windows XP gaming rig has even better specs than my daily driver system.
by Warnernup
28 Dec 2018, 21:25
Forum: Game related Discussions
Topic: WZ Screenshots!
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WZ Screenshots

I was kicked from server because i dont hear screenshots. What is wrong why i dont created screenshots ??? Where im find on server files my screenshot ??? Is possible even the pb dont take my shots ???