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by jantje
20 Sep 2016, 17:41
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Topic: i need a sample script
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i need a sample script

Hallo, i want to make a script. i want to use .js files. sample: i want to add a setpower funtion. i have make a rules.js file in the folder mijmap.wz/multiplay/script/rules.js and i have add this to the file. function power() { setPower(1000000); // give yourself 1000000 power instantly } power(); ...
by jantje
27 Feb 2016, 22:49
Forum: Mapping / Modding tools & discussions
Topic: No Limits and Teamwar-Maps
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Re: No Limits and Teamwar-Maps

yes i know no limit mod. if you meen the funtion "setStructureLimits" but i got a qwestion to. i try the mod to convurt to javascript file. but i only get the command centre to work. all otter limits not work, sameone know if its working on 3.2+ wz say it must work but not for me. ho can help me mad...
by jantje
24 Dec 2015, 17:33
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Topic: Models by Jorzi (AR)
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Re: Models by Jorzi (AR)

Jorzi wrote:...

Hi Jorzi,

i cant send a privet massage so i do it this way.
your map verry cool but, 40+ mb less fun.

this can be a lot smaller. i can do it to for you np than contact me